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Safety & Security for small businesses

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Entrance Security Guard

Many may believe that safety and security is an issue for large corporations or government entities, but the truth is, businesses of all sizes face the same challenges when it comes to keeping their employees and customers safe. Whether your business is a retail operation, a bank, a hotel, manufacturing, or any other kind of industry, your facilities need to be made secure.

At Walsh Services we offer security consultations in order to help identify potential risks and provide you with some easy ways to prevent theft or other types of criminal activity. Our many years in the industry has garnered extensive knowledge in managing security of high value assets, facilities, and most importantly people.

Every day, it seems like, we hear news of another violent crime or assault at a workplace, school, church, some other public facility. Many are left asking, what can we do? Well, we at Walsh Services know that it takes more than a warm body in a uniform to make a safe and secure workplace. The recruiting and training that our officers go though is thorough and continuous. Contact us to learn more about our recruiting and training process.

Other info about steps you can take to minimize Physical Security Risks.

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