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Guards vs Cameras

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Guards vs Cameras

Which is better for your business?

Choosing between Guards vs Cameras or a CCTV Surveillance System or a Security Guard or two can be a difficult decision.

The most common considerations include:

  • Cost
  • Response Times
  • Reliability

We will look at some pros and cons and how both Security Camera Systems and Security Guards rank in each category.

Traditionally, hiring security guards was the best option for those looking to protect their business. However, Security Cameras are becoming a more appealing choice due to cost-effectiveness, advances in “smart camera” technology. Both, Guards and Cameras, add value to your business by protecting your assets, but in different ways.


Scenario: You need around-the-clock protection form theft and vandalism.

Security Guards: Hiring security guards to prevent theft and damage 24/7/365 can be a very effective way to protect your property. However it can be expensive when compared solely on the price tag. After-all a CCTV system never gets sick and you don’t have to continue to pay for it month after month.

CCTV Camera Security System: The are two schools of though when it comes to CCTV systems. The first could be considered a passive system where the cameras simply record activity that can be submitted as evidence of a crime. The second could be considered a proactive system that is monitored off-site and then reports any criminal activity to the local police. This type of system is often seen in residential homes. Each of these types of systems have their drawbacks. Between the two we recommend and passive system with smart analytics that can send you alerts based on criteria you set.

Response Times

Scenario: You need to deter / prevent theft or damage to your property.

Security Gurad Service

Security Guards: A guard must first be aware of a potential threat; if so, then they can respond very quickly. However, if they are looking the wrong way or on patrol in a different area this is where their weakness comes into play.

Security Cameras: A camera can do little to physically stop a crime from happening. However, there are several cameras on the market that are equipped with smart analytics like line crossing, object removal, and motion detection. These intelligent systems can trigger alarms, alerts, or other actions.


Scenario: You need a system, human or otherwise, that will do what it’s supposed to do.

Security Guards: Like any employee, guards can be overachievers or lazy. When it comes to people you will also always have the element of human error. That is why we recommended partnering with a Security Guard Service Provider like us that vet, train and handle all the necessary paperwork that you don’t have the time to manage.

Free Security Camera System Design

Security Cameras: Like many things, you get what you pay for. When it comes to  CCTV systems there are a lot of cheap cameras available at big box stores and amazon that are tempting because of their price point. Save yourself a lot of time money and headache and skip the bargain bin! The reliability of so many of these cameras are little to non-existent. If you want reliability then you need a professionally designed security camera system. And we haven’t found much better than the folks over at EnviroCams. When your system is design by the pros at EnviroCams you can rest assured that  your cameras will do what they are supposed to do. But in the rare case you have problems with them you can always contact our free tech support.

Guards vs Cameras


COST: More expensive than cameras

RESPONSE TIME: Very fast responsive time

RELIABILITY:Typically reliable – May vary do to individuals or service provider.


COST: Cheaper than guards

RESPONSE TIME: Cameras equipped with smart analytics are very responsive but lack any physical response

RELIABILITY: Typically reliable – May vary depending on manufacture.


So what’s the best option? Guards or Cameras? We recommend both! A professionally designed commercial CCTV system paired with a professional security guard service provider will give you the best RESPONSE TIME and RELIABILITY. Yes, it may cost you more than you wanted to pay but your business, property, assets, and employees are worth it!

Guards vs Cameras