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“People helping people”

Let Walsh Services help you with your
Security, Janitorial, and Cafeteria Service needs.

Commitment to the Business

All of our resources are directed toward satisfying the customer and providing a professional, friendly, and efficient service.This fundamental goal has played a major role in satisfying our many varied clients. Our organization successfully manages contracts in three states.

We have established a trusted and successful business relationship built on commitment and high quality results. Walsh Services management has worked tirelessly in developing the staff, policies and procedures which have brought us success. We are fully committed to continuing in building the type of business relationships that have made us the service provider of choice.

We believe our experience, personally committed approach to all issues at hand and management style have provided our clients with substantially greater results than companies much larger OR smaller can offer; realistically, these larger companies are only as good as their local management and the smaller companies don’t have the financial capabilities to increase or decrease services at a moment’s notice. Our turnover and overtime figures are by far more controlled than usual service company standards, resulting in more tenured,focused and consistent associate. Many of our current people have been happily and professionally providing their services to our clientele for over ten years at an individual site. All have had a rewarding experience with Walsh Services and are well regarded by current, as well as, past specific clientele.


Company Profile and Structure

Walsh Services, founded from a well-established multi-services company, is committed to job quality, customer satisfaction, and associate growth. Walsh Services fulfills contract obligations in the multi-service arena based on over 40years of management, personnel and financial experience. Our attention to detail, care and enablement of our employees and our total devotion to our customers has always been our first priorities. We live on present situations and solutions and meticulously plan for the future.

Walsh Services differs greatly from our competition first by being only one of a handful of companies in the nation who provide multi personnel services in a bundled fashion allowing the customer the ease of one point service for multiple needs. Second, we are operations and service oriented rather than sales and numbers focused. We create decades long business and personal relationships by seeing our customers frequently, anticipating their needs and solving all issues on the same day of occurrence. Lastly, our sense of urgency in all situations insures prompt, effective and efficient processes helping the client stay on track with their goals and day to day production.The management of Walsh Services will continually use technology, financial tools and strategies as well as seeking new products and vendors to further enhance our already high degree of quality of service to our valued customers. By elevating the care and safety of our employees we will ultimately increase our competitive edge and widen the gap between us and the competition.Walsh Services is owned and operated by Mr. Colton Walsh.

Colton Walsh

Colton Walsh, president

Mr. Walsh brings to Walsh Services, several years in security and janitorial sales, servicing and customer service,Mr. Walsh has his Bachelors Business Degree from University of North Texas in Denton. With several years of experience as the Sales/Marketing and Operations Manager for a large personnel services corporation,learning values and practices which led to employee enabling and betterment; along with slavish customer devotion striving for total customer satisfaction. Mr. Walsh Partnered additionally with a consulting contractor with over 40years’ experience in the personnel services and human resources industries. This consultant has intimate knowledge and practical experience with all types of management, safety, physical security and personnel services practices.

Megan Sharron

Megan Sharron, vice-president

Megan along with her brother Colton were raised in their father’s business, learning, at a young age, the importance of serving people and doing it correctly and exceptionally. Megan initially was in the medical field. For 10 years she worked in a very demanding and detailed oriented environment. She carried those service and leadership skills over into the company dynamics today. Joining her brother in 2015, they both moved forward in following their father’s legacy in building a great company. Grounded in slavish customer devotion and to the care and direction of each employee, Megan continues forward as Vice President in charge of all operations in our three-state territory.

Operations and Personnel

Operationally, Walsh Services encourages the utilization of a contract Site Supervisor. The Site Supervisor is trained specifically for his or her site. Because of the Site Supervisor’s experience and training, Walsh Services has been able to effectively manage and service all client and associate needs with little or no “reactionary” time.This attention to the individual associate gives us our low percentage of turnover and a more satisfied, competent associate.Walsh Services operates under the philosophy of correcting any concern that the client may have within the same business day, not the usual drawn out time period most companies use to resolve issues. We are diligent in communicating with our clients regarding situations affecting their site. We operate efficiently, effectively and professionally without the nuances of corporate layers, hierarchy or red tape.Walsh Services trains our employees in all aspects of the client’s and our specific policies and procedures. Our applicants are screened to insure they possess experience, dependability, honesty, integrity, great communications and positive social skills, maturity and pride in personal appearance before being considered to become a part of our family. We pledge to continue recruiting the best candidates in order to match your needs.By using our recruiting and training programs we can ensure services that continually provide positive results.

Service Quality and Performance Guarantees

Walsh Services is, and will be, known by high praise word of mouth from our clients for the excellent degree of service from our employees and “over the top” service from our management by all whom the clients come in contact with. Management’s passion for excellence and attention to detail in all we do continually surprises and pleases new customers as well as new employees. It is a standard practice for us to immerse ourselves in our client’s business -learning their processes, philosophy and style of management so as to fully incorporate our services to their goals and needs. Our care for our employees is on an extremely high and exciting level with our slavish devotion to our customers. We deeply believe in developing sound long term personal relationships with the management of our customer companies instead of just relying on sales to drive our growth.Recognizing our employees as our Number One Asset and that they are the first impression of this company by all they come in contact with; we thus are dedicated to their betterment in their daily work as well as their future potential through best practices training, testing and high expectations throughout.An awards and competition system and a fair and equitable evaluation process are utilized to insure their awareness of their current employment status and future goals. Our leadership style challenges the employees to constantly excel in their work while recognizing them and rewarding them for outstanding service.Our success is our employees. Walsh Services believes that any quality or performance guarantee cannot be made without great regard to supporting our employees in all facets of their job.We commit to avoiding normal pitfalls such as high turnover, overtime and most importantly failure to follow up on any and all issues which do plague larger, less organized companies.

The WALSH Timeline


In 1980 the company was formed as a security guard business.


In 1984 janitorial service was added.


In 1985 the business continued to grow with the addition of providing temporary labor.


In 1986 the addition of cafeteria food service continued to elevate the company as a leader in multi personnel service provider.


We were the trusted security services provider for many respected and distinguished customers including the Dallas Museum of Art.


In 2005 three-quarters of the business was sold.


Walsh Services established itself with Colton Walsh as President.